Preorder page for MIDWEST FUTURES, my first book

(To the tune of “Ring My Bell”) You can buy my boo-ooo-ook!/Buy my book!

You can do it here, and you can also gaze at the cover design, which is so good want to go buy the thing. Comes out in March 2020 unless the revisions I’m about to turn in need more revising.

It’s an expansion of the Midwest essay, but I’m concentrating more on the ways in which the Midwest has been a focus of technological change and ideas about the future, and how these interact with the idea of its “plainness” and “averageness” and “normality,” and how all of it comes into play again when we talk about the future under climate change.

The two people who have read it (in its first draft) did so in one sitting without meaning to, so I take that as a good sign.

2 responses to “Preorder page for MIDWEST FUTURES, my first book

  1. Is this the book originally titled “Midwest at Midnight”? I’m a student at UC Santa Barbara (currently studying abroad in France!) and read your article on Pocket. Fascinating read. Was just curious if this was the same book under a title change. Cheers.

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