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  1. George Greene

    I saw your forwading of the Jonathan Wall incident at the Downtown Sports Bar. I am not sure that boycotting is an effective response since they presumably don’t want our kind in there anyway. It says Jonathan went to Knightdale High?

  2. I also read your article about the downtown sports bar incident. This is exactly the kind of crap I thought we did away with many years ago.

  3. This has happened to me and my friends several times at DTSB! Last summer they wouldn’t let my friend in who was wearing a a colored v neck a ball cap and fitted jeans. We walked around to the back got in with no problem and saw a white guy with a similar outfit walk in from the front. This past winter I had a fitted cardigan and a white shirt underneath it. They didn’t let me in because I had a white shirt underneath my sweater! After that incident I promised to never go back! They’re racist but have no problem letting NCSU basketball players in since it will bring more white people in the bar! They do hire African Americans but they won’t let us in! Don’t forget slave owners hired blacks to oversee and discriminate over other slaves too! They won’t let some people in because the way they dress. The thing is most black people have changed the way they dressed. Clothes are more fitted because that’s the style now! The clothes I wore those nights were from Express and there isn’t one thing about express that says thug!! It doesn’t matter if your black and with a group of white people or with a group of black people they’re going to discriminate because management doesn’t want too many blacks in the bar. This is why Raleigh has one of the worst and overrated nightlife in NC.

  4. SameRacismDifferentYear

    They’ve done the math, they project that the money from people they do want, will heavily outweigh they money they will lose from the “non-members” who are turned away.

    Is it possible that they bouncers/bartenders operate on the sentiment of a significant contingent of their regular customers? That’s not an accusation. I’m just wondering.

    Aside from that, the real problem is that, even in 2012, the chasm in regards to the amount the interaction between white people age 30+ and Af-Am twenty-somethings is so vast that establishments such as these (and even others that have less intent to discriminate) cannot tell a highly educated, passive, classy gentleman from a knucklehead, fresh out the state penitentiary who is looking for trouble. The result is you have people using a chainsaw to trim a bonzai tree. Keep them all out and that will mitigate any potential problems. Problem is that, by doing so, healthy, profitable, and respectable parts of the tree are tossed aside. When these people get to know these young people better, they will then get their “tiny scissors” and be able to spot trouble, isolate it, and remove it while valuing and respecting the rest of the tree.

    I think a bunch of white dudes should go up in there with their “proper attire” and “memberships” and stand by the bar and refuse to buy drinks while staring down bartenders. Then start a flash mob to Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power!” #ThatWillSendAMessage

  5. Hello. My name is Marc Bozeman. I’m a lawyer with The Bozeman Law Firm. I am absolutely appalled at this type of behavior, that not only you are complaining of, but many people are. Unlike the lawyer and cop who told you otherwise, I can help you and everyone on this blog who would like to take legal action against these types of establishments. And the risk would be shared by both you and I in that I only get paid, in addition to a one time retainer fee, in legal fees out of your financial award.

    The lawyer and cop that told you nothing could be done legally, were dead wrong. It would just take a good lawyer to work with these cases. It matters little if the bartender has three witnesses to corroborate his story. That’s what cross examination is for. A good lawyer ALWAYS knows how to catch people in a lie. That’s what I do and I’m very good at it.

    If anyone commenting on this blog needs help regarding a situation where they feel they were wronged, and there were many commenting about their situations, please contact me. I do not like to see people suffer injustices. That’s one of the reasons why I entered this profession. My contact info is below.

    The Bozeman Law Firm
    5347B Pinewilde Dr.
    Houston, Texas 77066
    (832) 741-7950

  6. I’m African American, by the way. So I understand.

    By the way, I went to the University of Michigan for undergrad and I went to the University of Texas School of Law. Ann Arbor wasn’t so bad, although the cops were. But Austin bars were notorious for this type of behavior.

  7. Never experienced racism til I moved to Raleigh…this story doesn’t surprise me a bit. Sorry it happened to the young man, but I say stay away from bars and nightclubs completely, then you don’t have to worry about this kind of crap.

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