I’ve been doing a poor job of keeping this site updated. Since the last thing I posted on here, I have published this piece about my weird obsession with Richard Nixon, and the first installment of what I hope will be a continuing bimonthly new books column at Plough, on science fiction. (In this environment, who knows what will and won’t “continue,” but I’m working on the next two installments just in case!) My editor for the Plough piece, Caitrin Keiper, is absolutely brilliant and is available for freelance hire. Any person or organization would do well to hire her.

My book, Midwest Futures, an expansion and reimagining of this essay about the Midwest, is already shipping, and can be bought here. (They won’t be able to ship physical copies till April 6 because of Ohio’s shelter-in-place order, but that’s not that long to wait). You can also buy the ebookMidwest Futures, as of this moment–I won’t look again because it can only get worse–has a 4.67-star rating at Goodreads. I don’t know a single one of the reviewers, so that makes it extra sweet. An excerpt from Midwest Futures has appeared at Vox. I had not worked with Vox before and I want to shout-out both Karen Turner, the editor, who was thoughtful, imaginative, and patient, and also whoever did the illustration that accompanies the article. It’s quite attractive.

Finally, I interviewed the poet Mark Nowak about his new history of community creative writing workshops, Social Poetics.

I hope anyone reading this is as well and safe as possible.

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  1. Maybe while you’re at it (‘cos we’ve all got SO much time) you could put up a perma-link for people who’d like to subscribe to your newsletter. Had I not heard of it from Swagman I’d never have known (I vacated Twitter after getting badly hacked there).

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