Two things

One, please for God’s sake call your senators (202-224-3121) before they condemn you to an early death with a bill that:

1) causes 23 million families to lose their health insurance;
2) sends your premiums through the roof even if your insurance is through work;
3) kicks some old and disabled people off Medicaid.

Tell the operator where you live; they’ll transfer you. Say your piece, tell ’em thanks, and hang up. If you get an answering machine, leave a message.

When you’ve done that! Here is an essay on Elif Batuman’s wonderful novel The Idiot that I wrote for CommonwealVery honored to appear there; I do love me some lefty Catholics.

Reading this novel and writing this piece gave me a chance to clarify some things for myself about “where the novel is heading” (gag me, but I don’t have time to word that better) and I think the results of that thinking will be helpful for a lot more people than just me.

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