A friend of mine gets booted out of Downtown Sports Bar (Raleigh, NC) for being black, because this is 1960*, apparently

Just received the following email from a dear friend and coworker. He sent it to a local TV news channel, and I am posting it here in case they don’t do anything with it.

The takeaway: Don’t patronize Downtown Sports Bar and Grill in Raleigh, NC. Also, if you’re white and you’re the only person in the restaurant, you might want to ask around to make sure your favorite establishments aren’t pulling this kind of shit.

As for Jonathan, he’s a former student of mine. I call him “Mr. President” because he’s one of the most intimidatingly accomplished and polished undergrads I’ve ever met. He’s also one of the nicest people I know. He wouldn’t lie about something like this.

My name is Jonathan Wall, and I am a 21 year old black male from Raleigh, NC. I was born and raised here, and just a few weeks ago I graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. This fall I’ll be headed to grad school at Harvard to get a Master’s degree in Education Policy and Management. I’m in Raleigh for the summer before heading off to grad school.

As the story begins, on last Saturday night around 12:30am, I and 2 other friends went to Downtown Sports Bar and Grill off of Glennwood Avenue. The night got interesting as soon as we got to the door, and the bouncer told us “you need a membership to come in tonight, I’ve never seen you here before.” My friend Chris and I looked at each other in curiosity, knowing that the establishment was a bar and not a club, and that people in line before us walked right in after showing their ID. The only difference between those people and my friends and I was our race. Still, we stood at the door in bewilderment asking “What?” as he further tried to explain that we weren’t going to be able to come in because of our “non-member” status. However, as he was explaining this, a police officer walked up to where he was standing to tell him something unrelated. As soon as he caught sight of the officer beside him, he said “Never mind, y’all go ahead.” This was the first interesting ordeal of the night, but not the last.

We were downstairs for all of ten minutes, when my two friends dispersed. My friend Chris went to the bathroom, and my friend Kristin went upstairs to get some fresh air. Only a few seconds after they left, what appeared to be a bartender came from behind the bar to clean drinks off of one of the tall bar tables that was near me. After he cleaned the table, it looked as if he was headed back behind the bar when he came up to me and said “Either buy a drink or leave right now.” Again shocked, I replied “I’m just waiting for my friend to come back from the bathroom.” He responded, “I don’t care, get a drink or leave right now.” I said “Okay” and began texting. He walked away from me, then went and sat with his back to the bar as he stared me down. Being non-confrontational, I looked towards the bathroom, waiting to see my friend come out so that we could leave. I also took notice of how many of the people surrounding the bar and the club area didn’t have drinks in their hands. I felt as if I was singled out. The common denominator, again, was that I was the only black person around. After staring me down for about 30 seconds, he walked back over and said “Are you going to buy a drink, or are you going to leave?” I replied, “As soon as my friend comes from the bathroom.” Before I cold utter another word, he grabbed my right wrist and my left arm and threw them behind my head in an effort to constrain me, although I was speaking to him a calm and non-aggressive tone and didn’t once even gesture. He then used excessive force to push me through the crown and out of the club while I was still in this “headlock” of sorts, before pushing me out of the front door. As soon as he grabbed me, I let my body go limp because with the degree of force he was already using, I didn’t want him to think I was trying to fight back. I accepted that he was on an ego-trip, and let him guide me through the club in this position before pushing me out. I was completely shocked and more saddened that this was happening than angry.

As he was walking me out, my friend Chris came out of the bathroom and ran up to where he we were, asking him what I did wrong. He didn’t reply. I had done nothing but suggest that I would wait for my friend to come from the bathroom and leave instead of purchasing a drink. After making sure I was all right, my friend and I went to the bouncer at the front door to try to tell him what had just happened and get an explanation. He waved us off and told us to just get away.

I walked up and down Glennwood Avenue looking for a police officer to talk to—again, not angry, but sad and shocked that what I believed to have been blunt and undeniable segregation was taking place in an establishment in Raleigh, the city I was born, raised in, and love.

After about ten minutes and two redirections I was able to talk to the police sergeant, who was also on Glennwood. I explained to her everything in the previous paragraphs. She told me that this was a very unfortunate occurrence, but not an isolated instance. She explained that this happens all the time, and that if she approached the bartender about it, he’d have witnesses that would corroborate whatever story he made up as to why he kicked me out in such an aggressive manner. She then explained that my options were limited because if she proceeded with getting statements from both of us and conducted an investigation, the end result could be worse for me: either it would get dismissed in court, or we would both be charged with what is the equivalent of “fighting” and both have a misdemeanor. She said “He probably has a few charges already, but you’re young with a bright future ahead of you, and you don’t want that on your record.” I understood what she was saying, but wasn’t exactly sure whether I should trust a police officer within the network of bouncers/officers who worked the many clubs/bars of Glennwood. Just then, the man who threw me out came to the front door. I pointed him out to the officer, and she approached him to talk about the incident. They talked for about 3 minutes before she came back to me and said, “I knew this was going to happen. Now, I don’t believe him one bit, but he says that he has three people who witnessed you throw an elbow at him before he restrained you.” Shocked is an understatement. As I said earlier, I talked in a non-confrontational, clam and respectful tone, and didn’t even gesture when talking. There is no way that he could have perceived me as having thrown an elbow and I didn’t understand how three people would lie and say that I did. I asked the officer about video camera footage. If the club used cameras, they would show the conversation, and his aggressiveness in constraining me despite me posing no threat and remaining calm throughout the conversation and his constraining me. She said that it would require a search warrant and that there was “No telling” how the video could be edited, tampered with, or even done away with before it would be required to be handed over to the investigators. What troubled me about my conversation with the officer was that she seemed to assume the worst case scenario in every possible solution to my encounter. She kept talking about how much paper work would be involved, as if that were going to deter me from seeking justice. Still, it was 2am, and after speaking to both of my parents and my friends, I realized that justice couldn’t be served that night. Because of the lack of witnesses, it would simply be my word versus his (and that of his three “witnesses”), which could potentially yield extremely negative consequences for me, even though I had done nothing wrong throughout the entirety of the ordeal.

The next day, Sunday, my mother told my aunts and uncles about what happened and I found out something even more interesting. After my aunt told my 21-year-old cousin about what happened to me, my cousin called me immediately, requesting the name of the bar where this had happened. I told her the name, and she gasped before telling me that earlier that night, she and group of 4 of her friends had tried to go to the same bar (Downtown Sports Grill and Bar) but were told by the bouncer at the front door “I’ve never seen y’all here before. You can’t come in.” Confused, she asked “What?” and he replied “You’re not allowed in here because I’ve never seen you before.” My cousin didn’t feel like arguing or being somewhere she didn’t feel welcome so she and her friends simply walked away. Still, the only common denominator in her and my own dealings with the bar was one single factor: race. We were both African-Americans trying to enter and enjoy a bar that seemed to only welcome those not like us.

It is absolutely ridiculous that this still happens in America. It is even more ridiculous that it’s happening in Raleigh, North Carolina, one of the fastest growing and, increasingly, most diverse cities in America.

I talked to my attorney who said, simply, that although what happened was undoubtedly wrong and unjust, the fact of the matter was what I had assumed before: it would be an uphill battle to reach any kind of legal resolution. She then suggested that I contact the I-Team Troubleshooter to see if there was any possible solution when the media asked for answers as to why and how this was allowed to occur. She also suggested that I check whether my and my cousin’s stories were not isolated instances, and whether media coverage would expose more stories of racism and exclusion at this establishment.  

I thank you in advance for reading this, and for any help or assistance that you may be able to offer.

*I take it back. 1960 at least had saner economics.

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  1. The same thing happened when my boyfriend (who is black), his 2 friends, (who are black), his other 2 friends (who are Iranian), and I (I’m mixed) went there. Except that a cop was standing right next to the bouncer and heard him say that we needed a membership to get in. I had been let in numerous times before when I went with my other friends, but this time got rejected. I was livid because that line is used when bouncers don’t want to let someone in. And nowhere does it say membership is required to enter into Downtown Sports Bar. I’ve decided to boycott it. I’m glad that Jonathan is trying to take it to the media.

    • Y’all, Karimah (Kmshephe@ncsu.edu) is trying to organize something on this, so use that email if you’d like to get involved.

      • I have a good buddy who works at Downtown Sports Bar, and on my way through to see if he was there, I walked right in past the bouncers and was never even carded and I do not frequent this bar too often, with the exception of this night to see my friend who is as good as the day is long and he was not there, and as I walked through the very crowded bar on Sat. night I saw what seemed to be an altercation and someone getting thrown out of a bar, but for what, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, being black, who knows? But Curiously I stuck around and went back inside, again with security not even checking my ID and walked the length of the bar,even having two young girls asking me if I would like a beer, I was thinking to myself, none of this is right, I turned around and went back out the door. As I did, I saw a white guy with his shirt off(looked to be a club bouncer?) Hit a black gentleman from his blind side, it literally knocked him unconcious. I knelt down to feel for his pulse that was erratic at best, as I noticed a huge swollen egged shaped contusion arising from the side of his head near his left eye. I asked him his name, where he was, and the date. After staggering for a moment or two he answered my questions. Being trained in CPR/etc.. I was there if needed as it was evident by his lifeless looking body lying there on the pavement behind a car that no one else who was outside watching was going to be willing to help me out. So, I continued to ask him questions as he said he was with a friend or two and had gotten thrown out of the bar for no reason. As I asked more questions I looked over my shoulder to see a large group of white onlookers staring at us. Another person came over as i asked them to keep him talking as i dialed 911, and went inside for ice and quickly got two cold waters. As I came back I could hear sirens in the close vicinity so i opened the first water and he began drinking it quickly as i held the ice to his poor red/swollen face awaiting the ambulance, cops arrived first as they got out, asked a hand full of questions and then stood around as I continued to hold the ice on a complete strangers face, as I was so mad and outraged at what had taken place that my eyes teared up as I was at this bar for a brief moment with my black friend the night before, and If i would have seen someone knock him out from the blind side, Im not sure that this white guy who hit him would be lying next to him on the ground! I slowly poured water over his head as he removed his hat that was turned backwards. I found out he was from louisburg and was out with two buddies just to have a good time, just like all the white on-lookers , who saw this barbaric incident occur. I squeezed his hand and gave him the other bottle of water as he asked to be driven to hospital in an ambulance as i suggested after he asked, “Did i get knocked out?” 8 different times, leading me to believe as he admitted, he had a couple of beers, but more so that he may have a concussion. No one was questioned at the scene and I watched as he was rolled to the ambulance, everyone simply went back to what they were doing which was smoking and talking outside the bar. I can only speak for my Good friend who was not working that evening in saying he wouldnt have dealt with such happening around him, as he is a good christan guy Iv’e known for 15 years+. But, because a couple of young (20’s) black guys walk into a bar just as white people do, they get labeled TROUBLE for what reason, society,race,creed, color, what? I drove home that evening and wished I could have done more to help this guy in the purple polo styled shirt lying on the ground not moving until I arrived. This is not a hate response towad whites b/c I think there are bad whites as there are bad blacks,indians,espanic’s, etc. But my point is I witnessed an innocent bystander get kicked out of a bar, and then knocked unconcious by an enraged white guy(bouncer??), who apparently worked there b/c he took his shirt off b4 punching him, to almost hide his identity. I am so sad that on the day that Rodney king, who was savagely beaten by white cops(nothing against white cops or the officers that were there, b/c the one asking questions was black) dies after drinking and drowning in his private pool, this being fresh in my mind from 92 when i watched as the world did on TV these whites cruely beating this man. The same type of thing happened this night as this gentleman from Louisburg out with his friend(s) came to have a beer and some whites did not like the fact that there were black guys in “there bar”, yet I walk right in, w/o being carded or said a word to….Tell me this is right? I am a morally and ethically good person, but If I would have been close enough after this white guy hit him, I can promise you as god as my witness, there would have been two bodies lying there on the ground, and Guess what?………I’M WHITE! and I believe in equality and I hope I dont ever see the man who punched this helpless black guy in the face knocking him out again. I am in my early 30’s and have friends of ever color,race, and nationality I will make it so this guy, this coward, who blind sides an inicent man in a parking lot in front of a group of his peers, knows who I am and where he can find me…..before I find him. And from one white guy to another, you can take it as a threat or whatever you want to, but do yourself a favor,”Run and Hide!” B/c its a matter of time before you get your payback, and if not by a person, god will catch up with you tough guy! And for the guys that were thrown out of the bar as well as my new friend from louisburg who was punched from his blind side and knocked out, I apologize for the man who did this, and please know that not all white people have hate in their hearts! There are bad apples in every bunch, and I am sorry you all were targeted sat. night, it just isn’t right! And to who did this cowardly act & how you sleep at night I do not know, but I KNOW ONE THING….You know how to find me bro, “COME GET SOME!” -TEllis

    • I have to be honest. I go to this place a lot during the fall and spring months and I have never noticed segregation. Now, that being said the bouncers are EXTREMELY strict and on an ego trip at all times there. It has happened to more than black people there. TRUST me.

    • I have experienced being turned away by the membership tactic. (I am black). Right after I was turned away three girls (all white) came up and went right in. I asked to see their membership cards and they looked at me like I was crazy. The security guard let me know that he’s never seen me before, and he see them all the time, that’s why I could not come in. I kept looking at the officer standing about two feet away from him, but she did nothing. I tried to raise action, and consulted a lawyer, but she told me I would have no case.

  2. Karimah shepherd

    Please email me! The same thing happened to us that same night! we are trying to get them shut down

  3. omgee, same thing happened to me on saturday! my friends always try to get me to go and I finally said yes. the first 3 [one mixed , 2 white] weren’t carded; however me and the fifth friend were ! was told I was using a fake & dont even know the excuse she was given. we were both black, btw .

    • Karimah shepherd

      Please email me at kmshephe@ncsu.edu. the same thing happened to me and I am taking action. Telling the news and shutting it down. We can come together and make that happen

  4. The ugly monkey and Solas did the same exact thing! I will not go to these places.

  5. It is crazy that this happened to you at DTSB, my friends and I have never had a problem getting in and were black, although admittedly we go with ppl who are regulars and the bouncer never gives us a problem. I think it’s great that your shedding light on this situation but this “membership tactic” is one used by many bars in Raleigh. I have personally seen my black male friends who are 25+ college, educated, career men, get turned away from mirage and noir on many occasions. Mirage is so blatant with their discrimination that most of the people I associate with who have no problem spending at a bar have just stopped going all together. I applaud you for taking a stand and even though they may not be able to do something legally about it, maybe the embarrassment will help DTSB and other bars realize continue to discriminate and it will mess with your bottom line.

  6. James C. Willis

    This is absolutely disgusting. The fact that this still occurs in 2012 is a sad reminder that we still have a bunch of work to do as a society. I do, however, still believe that one day events like this will be solely a thing of the past.

  7. Its even worst downtown Greenville, NC. ECU c/o 2009

    • Agreed

      • Definitely true. c/0 2008 and 2010. Maybe this will cause someone down there to step up as well.

    • johnnyjonnon

      I have black friends who get in everywhere downtown greenville with me… I will admit that the dress code definitely singles out the “african american” culture though

  8. You stayed strong and did the right thing. That says something about your composure. But you cannot simply allow them to get away with this. I am not sure whatever resources you have, but if you could record your interactions with a hidden microphone and a camera in the distance with some friends willing to try entry, I would say do that. If you could attempt to gain entry by going with a larger group of friends. I went to school with you, so I know you are not threatening or appear to posture in any threatening ways. But I am sure you can just get a camera and observe them allowing white people into the bar and dismissing blacks. Unfortunately, your personal experience will likely never be addressed. However, if you are allowed to capture and address another’s, tangible evidence– not media coverage that can be spun in favor of both sides– I believe is the best means to uncovering terrible acts like this.

  9. Colton Palmer

    I had a similiar situation when me and three friends walked up dressed very well. We met all the dress code requiremements and they told my friend he could not wear vans inside but we witnessed people walk in with busted forces and busted k swiss sneakers. I have expierenced racism on a variety of levels at Downtown Sports bar

  10. I feel your situation, however, as you are put in a very fickle situation. By doing anything, honestly, you have much to lose. Also, what would you like as a result of any efforts? Do you want a restaurant that doesnt want the business of black people to “accept” your patronage even though they will still despise you? Do you want restaurants that discriminate in their patronage to be shut down? Or do you simply want stain the image of the bar? I do not know if there is anything special about that bar, but I am sure they come a dime a dozen. I would just try to make sure NO other black person EVER goes into that bar.

    • If you do nothing, then that is exactly what the bar wants. I’m so thankful that the people who came decades before me, both blacks and whites, stood up for what is right or else these types of occurrences would be much more prevalent despite the fact that I have a Master’s degree and have lived and studied in other countries but just happen to be black. Although I don’t understand why some people still think this way, the bar should be a private/membership only bar if they want to limit or restrict the people who go there. But as far as public establishments are concerned, this is wrong and should be addressed.

    • Michael Rothstein

      Having them go out of business and be replaced with something better would a good start. I fail to see the point of your argument as any rational person would agree that this is what should happen.

    • Marcus Duke 2014

      Let’s try to make sure that NO one goes back to that bar. This comment reflects the widely accepted notion that racism against blacks only affects blacks…this should be considered a crime against American ideals and values and a boycott against this bar should require full participation from all people, regardless of race.

    • George Greene

      Boycotting is the opposite of the answer.
      Get a membership. BE THERE on Saturday night.
      When the bar staff alleges that they have 3 witnesses saying that “the black guy started it by throwing an elbow”, BE THERE saying “WE have 3 witnesses who say he DIDN’T.” It helps a lot if you are there as customers who simply saw and are simply reporting the truth. If the victim’s only 3 witnesses are the other 3 black people who came into the club with him, the jury will just wrongly call it even.

  11. Unfortunately any business has the right to refuse service to anyone; which is where it unfortunately ends. It is repulsive that people still are prejudiced against individuals but there is not a whole lot you can do except not go to these establishments.

  12. Similar things happened in the bars in my old town far from NC. They used the dress code excuse. The code will be something along the lines of no saggy pants, big t shirts, or ‘sports wear’. The code is of course very selectively enforced.

  13. This has happened to myself both in the Raleigh-Durham area as well as Charlotte, NC, can’t say I’m surprised having grown up here.

  14. Disappointed to hear this happened. Downtown Greensboro does the same thing. I’m not shocked…after all this is still NC. Unlike other southern states NC has become more covert with the racism(except for the few Klan rallies here and there). He did the right thing by remaining calm and talking to the officer.

    • Where does this kind of thing happen in Greensboro? I need to know where not give my business when going downtown.

      • i second this. i’m white, but i would hate to support a racist establishment. it’s despicable.

      • Inferno, N Club (not sure if it’s still open), The Mix, & Heaven are notorious for doing this stuff. This type of situation is nothing new. It’s difficult to prove hence why it continues to happen. Door staff and bouncers rotate throughout the weeks and rarely give names; that makes it even harder to say “Hey…*insert name here* did this.” I’ve never had a problem getting in to any clubs in Raleigh or Greensboro, however, I’ve left plenty (in Gboro) because my well dressed Black male friends weren’t allowed inside. I had one friend politely ask the bouncer if his necklace was in violation (dress code said ‘no long necklaces for men’) he was yelled at by the bouncer (who was literally an inch from his nose) and so we decided to leave. We wrote about the incident and informed our peers, but nothing was done. It’s a shame, but seriously are why are we shocked? The old ways of hate are not dead. Many racist people from “back in the day” are still alive and their children that they raised to be carbon copies of themselves are in their prime. Doesn’t make it right, but I’m not shocked at all that this happened.

  15. I was there when this happened and no way this guy resisted, nor did he do any harm. This is just bull, the fact that the color of this guys skin is the reason he cant enjoy downtown like everyone else is absurd. I would have honestly asked that bouncer to get me a creditable reason as to why I was getting kicked out.

    • Ty, thanks for weighing in here. He did ask the bouncer for a reason, and didn’t get one. If you’d feel comfortable with it, get in touch with Jon directly (his Twitter handle is @imfromraleigh) because he’ll have plenty of people attacking the veracity of his story.

  16. Im black and ive been to that shithole several times and the only problem i had was when a bartender accused me a spilling a drink when it was my white friend who did and he wouldnt let me get drinks the rest of the night…but i can totally see this going down at dtsb. My father works for WRAL. I’ll ask him if/how we could get this on the news..but it might be at least a week bc he’s out of town. If yall have any questions for me, facebook message me

  17. Im black and ive been to that shithole several times and the only problem i had was when a bartender accused me a spilling a drink when it was my white friend who did and he wouldnt let me get drinks the rest of the night…but i can totally see this going down at dtsb. My father works for WRAL. I’ll ask him if/how we could get this on the news..but it might be at least a week bc he’s out of town. If yall have any questions for me, facebook message me: Drew Owens

  18. The only way you can protest anything is with your wallets. Companies everywhere only care about how much money they are gaining or losing. You protest by never going there and supporting other businesses in the Raleigh-Durham Area.

  19. We have to do to make sure that this doesn’t happen again!! This is absolutely ridiculous! Solas is the same way. They blatantly discriminate against you when you try to go in. If you’re African-American and you have on “urban wear” you can’t enter but if you’re white and you have on the same thing, it is okay. I refuse to let them get away with this. This needs to be passed along to everyone’s networks.

    People are quick to say that we are in a post-racist society but things like this occur over and over again.

    I hope they’re ready for what is coming their way!

  20. Although that situation is unfortunate, there are a lot of establishments like them. I have also experienced something similar. However, if it is a private establishment legally they reserve the right to deny entry to whomever they choose without explanation.

    • Kris,
      Thank you for stating this as not many people know that private and public institutions and establishments do not adhere to the same laws. The Civil Rights Acts of 1964 Title II bars public institutions from discrimination based on race, religion, etc, however private institutions are exempt. In order to contest your rights, you must know your rights.

    • Do they reserve the right to use unwarranted force like that on another human being?
      I didn’t think so.

  21. Keith Taylor

    I have been to thi s place twice last year and both times the bouncer said i couldn’t get in based on how i looked and my friends told me i over-reacted. Thank you much for posting this story, and i hope they get shut down!

  22. Nope, this is not an isolated incident there are very few African Americans ever in that establishment. The same thing happened with me & my friends ( 3 black females) at 606 we were told we needed to have a membership..I returned another night w a white male who doesn’t have a membership & was allowed in w no hassle. I’ve witnessed Fu Bar do the same to a group of 3 young black makes who wore fitted jeans Polo’s, and non-sneaker shoes, but get told that they didn’t meet dress code standards, as 2 white males walked in and out behind us wearkng oversized tee’s Nike’s and matching fitted hat’s. I was so appalled that I argued w the bouncer and left, on their behalf. Has happened at The Library as well.

  23. Reblogged this on tressiemc and commented:
    I know this young man, Jonathan Wall, and if ever one was going to class up a sports bar in the entertainment capital of a two block stretch of pavement & half-full storefronts that is the urban, urbane utopia that is Raleigh, NC, USA it would be Jonathon. Forgive me but I know this area well and I know his treatment is not at all unique. They call it controlling the “atmosphere”. I call it racism. Potato, potahto.

  24. I can second this report. As a white female, I visited downtown sports a year ago and witnessed the EXACT same thing. I was horrified, tried talking to the bouncer (who didn’t want to hear a word from me) and was pushed back into a crowded room. I have never been back. Now that I know I wasn’t the only one to see it, I think it’s crucially important that the media know. Call this in!!

  25. I too witnessed something similar happen- last in August my boyfriend and I at the time went on a Saturday night- the line was out the door (as it usually is on Saturday nights) on our walk up we were talking with a group of African Americans going out to celebrate their friends birthday and they wanted to go to Downtown sports bar- I was like absolutely we are going there too-first birthday drink is on us!! So we all get in line and wait our turn to get up to the door. Once we got up there me and my boyfriend showed our Ids and they let us in – then when the group we were waiting for got up they said they couldn’t come in bc one of the guys tshirt was too long- confused I was like what do you mean it’s her birthday and I have seen you guys let people in with tshirts on before? I went back and forth with the bouncer for a minute and then gave up. What was even more baffling was the bouncer was African American himself.

  26. adamtrimmer5

    hey if anyone wants to catch them in the act I am a white male and we can see if they treat me differently. Anything I can do to help email me @adamtrimmer5@gmail.com

  27. This is absolutely ridiculous. Let’s bring this place DOWN. I googled this place and found their Yelp review page. Very interesting. Check out “Catie F.’s” review she left today. She was there on the same night and witnessed Jonathan Wall being ‘booted’ out. But check out what happened to her and her boyfriend, someone please try to contact her, I will try and give her the link to this page. This bouncer is a f*cking scum!!

  28. Sadly same thing happen to me at and some friends at this new bar Krave…smh… but we just took our money somewhere else…

  29. Seeifthisworks

    Simple solution: offer to buy a membership.

  30. It’s frustrating that it happens so frequently here …..and that its an acceptable part of our nightlife.

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  32. It only takes one person with an iPhone. Or a Go-Pro tucked away in a purse. Film the whole thing, making sure to get a lot of leader footage to show that nothing funny happened. Instant YouTube sensation. I’ll bet these guys are homophobic as well might be easier to execute with a white gay couple, as it sounds like they don’t even let black people in except for rare instances when there are cops around.

  33. This is a very unfortunate incident. I too am a graduate of NCSU and often visit college friends in the area. This line is one that is used all too often in the Raleigh nightlife scene. I have now made it a point not to patronize this bar and a few others. 606 is notorious for this! Though I sometimes frequent the area with some well known and very familiar faces, I try to make sure that our money is not spent in this bar, and especially 606.

  34. That is incredibly awful and unacceptable. Won’t be going there again.

  35. Write an Op Ed for the N&O. Still the most powerful media in Raleigh and NC.

  36. I hate to be rude but Mr. Wall has terrible grammar and you would think someone who is from Raleigh would spell Glenwood correctly as it’s one of the major roads in the Raleigh area. However, this is a sad story and if this was racially motivated it’s absurd. However we all encounter discrimination at one point in our lives and as long as there are people who are different in this world, discrimination will occur. I do find it odd as well that the gallery on the bar’s website shows black people in some of the pictures. I did also find that majority of the people on the site’s gallery are very attractive. Is it possible that they discriminated against Mr. Wall because he isn’t attractive???

    • 1) There is nothing wrong with Jon’s grammar; 2) you fail to point out a single example of this “terrible grammar”; 3) your own use of punctuation leaves quite a bit to be desired (are you using commas in the British or American style? Pick one and stick with it); 4) your conjectures about Jon’s looks would be offensive and stupid even if he weren’t (as he is) a handsome kid; 5) you clearly do not “hate” to be rude but are in fact relishing it. Now fuck off.

      • (Phil, I guess CP is talking about a couple of typos in Mr. Walls’ – typos like the one in CP’s own comments: “find that majority of”.) Anyway, I am white and my husband is black – after reading this we are planning to do a little investigating of our own to see what happens – maybe we can include some friends of various races as well. I think we should all make sure to dress very nicely, and I like the suggestion by Seeifthisworks above: if they use the membership excuse, ask how to go about applying for a membership. It sounds like this might be an unfortunate trend on Glenwood South. If so, they need to find out that no, you don’t get to do this anymore. Thank you to Mr. Wall for staying calm and taking the time to write this story – you never know when you’re starting a movement, do you?!

      • He was very clam when he was being escorted out. Maybe they don’t let clams in the bar

    • You’re ignorant.

    • It is a bar. Not a club. The question of whether this man is or is not attractive holds no relevancy. The absurdity of his discrimination would be lessened if it were a club. A person who attempts to enter/join a club is knowingly subjecting their race, wealth, clothing, attractiveness, etc. to discrimination, but again this “establishment” (if you will) is a bar and therefore any type of discrimination is not acceptable. Also, his grammar is not terrible. You may want to consider the difference between spelling and grammar. Furthermore, you may want to consider what are called typographical errors, which there are a few of those present, but nothing distracting enough to warrant commentary.

    • That’s an interesting comment. What makes it especially interesting is that it is coming from someone who began a comment addressing grammar with a run-on sentence. Punctuation is a part of grammar as well, you know. Also, you should try typing something with some substance if you are going to take the time to type such a lengthy comment.

    • You, sir, are one of the people that give reason for a place like this to be shut down. Your mere mention of someone’s attractiveness proves your choice of merit based on appearance and for that, happy racism day.

  37. N. Thompson

    its happened to me at Downtown Sports Bar and at 606, it really is a shame.

  38. This is insane… and very sad! Thanks so much for sharing your story. Social Networking is powerful, so hopefully we can at least decrease their revenues by not going to their place of business. Post on Facebook, Twitter, etc… keep it going. I hope you contact the News “trouble shooter” team as well. I have a close friend that is a news anchor on News 14 Carolina and I am sharing this with her now. As a North Carolinian and mother of a bi-racial child (black/white), I am sickened by these stories. I am not an idiot and I’m well aware that racism still happens all over the world, but it is shameful every time.

    And, I even hate that the police officer wasn’t more helpful or accomodating. ugh!!!! I am sharing this on my FB page as well.

    Thanks again for sharing. Good luck to you in grad school and beyond…

  39. williamhudd

    Go with a white friend, have the white person go in first and there is an iphone app called appzilla2 that has a hidden camera, your camera records but the screen stays off, then go in afterwards and have them record it, now voices may be hard to get but I guarantee if they say oh you threw an elbow you have video evidence on your phone which is so new it could not have been tampered with, there you can easily get the officer to be like OH NO I have video evidence that you are lying

  40. I agree that you should go back and have a hidden camera and microphone. Only then will you be able to take legal action since you must have proof of the discrimination. The trick is getting back in though….

  41. This has happen to me and my friends trying to get into Mirage nightclub. If we are with our white friends we have no problem getting in. If we are by ourselves then we never get in or we have to have one of our white friends come outside to get us in…. I stopped going after the last incident in December.

  42. I jsut email abc 11 news. I hope that this will not be brushed aside as a non story. Perhaps if more write or call they will at least do some investigating since the police are either unable or unwilling.

  43. That place is full of trouble and sorrow, mostly thanks to the ignorant & violent “security” staff. Tons of people have nightmare stories about that place, ever since it changed over from Stool Pigeons. Full scale boycott would be well-deserved.

  44. Frederic Leonberg

    This is disheartening. However, one solution that has been successful in the past, is to arrange a civil-rights group (NAACP or other) to send in investigators (white) that document such action against Blacks.

  45. We were assaulted at the DSB this weekend. I wrote about it in a Yelp review and was actually talking to this gentleman and his female friend. I wanted to press charges but the police also discouraged us from doing so. You can read about it in my article here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/downtown-sports-bar-and-grill-raleigh#hrid:-Pzcjk2IKCiF3vkE3XqeQw

    • Catie,

      If you don’t mind, please contact me about your story. I’m collecting some information and it may prove useful. My e-mail is bradhillmbh@gmail.com.

    • Catie,

      Thank you for posting this. What a horrifying story! I’m going to suggest that you contact kmshephe@ncsu.edu (who has posted several times in this thread) if you’d like to work on creating some sort of pushback.

  46. sounds like you should set up a sting .go there with a recording device, get it on tape and shut the place down…

  47. Why support or give money to any where that does not want you to be there. I say, shake the dust off your feet and let them carry you to a place that wants you to be there. Don’t fight to give money to anywhere that does not respect you. I remember my uncle fighting a disrespectful salesman to prove he could pay cash for a boat. I say, why reward him with a sale. He will be just as racist tomorrow. Take your money and your business where it is appreciated.

    • You make a fine point–but it seems to me like it’d be even more fun to not go there, not give them your money, AND ruin their business (so there’s more room for establishments that will treat people like people). But that’s just my opinion.

  48. post it on thedirty.com so it spreads even further and gets more national attention. With a picture of the bartender and bouncer who allegedly perpetrated the racism.

  49. This is sad. The next time this happens, as for the bouncer’s name. Or just go to the bar and record it on your phone. Get footage. I know many people who work at these bars that are mentioned and I’ll be honest, I don’t think it was any of them, but I don’t know the rest of their staffs personally. Unfortunately, one bad apple can tear down the reputation of an establishment with this kind of behavior.

  50. This is sad. The next time this happens, ask for the bouncer’s name (though I’m sure they’ll argue and not give it to you). Or just go to the bar and record it on your phone. Get footage. I know many people who work at these bars that are mentioned and I\’ll be honest, I don’t think it was any of them, but I don’t know the rest of their staffs personally. Unfortunately, one bad apple can tear down the reputation of an establishment with this kind of behavior.

  51. Catherine C.

    My friends and I have experienced this same treatment at both Fubar and 606. In both cases, we were a mixed group of young adults and my non-Black friends were admitted without any drama (of course in both cases we all left as a group and decided to spend our money/time elsewhere ). Also, in both cases, there was a police officer at the door alongside the bouncer/doorman–and in both cases the officers stood by and allowed this racism to happen….shameful…

  52. not only does this happen there, but the bouncers at solas are equally discriminatory. i vowed to never go back to solas after the bouncer couldn’t give me a valid reason for denying me entrance to the club.

  53. i truly want to know what makes this bar, and as it was stated it is NOT a club, nor is it even an organization that requires some form of membership, so exclusive to where they can treat people of any race in this manner. It seems as if this particular situation clearly has a lot to do with power and making ‘others’ feel inferior with whatever reason they could’ve come up with each time someone like Mr. Wall enters the bar. It’s sad and pitiful. It isn’t like they’re serving liquid gold or anything of that nature to where they can be so choosey on who comes in their bar. I feel sorry for this establishment, because the individuals who are conducting behavior such as what has been listed in the statement are not being reprimanded for their treatment of HUMANS/PEOPLE (no matter what their skin color is) and need to be because they are about to loose so much business and they can only blame themselves for it once it happens.

  54. yeah, I worked at a bar/club called trim (formerly the basement). I was just a barback, but getting to know the staff of surrounding establishments, a clear picture was painted: Glenwood south does not like black people. You know how a lot of these places enforce “dresscodes?” That’s their quick fix to deny service to black people (or any people they don’t like at that moment). They just say their pants are too baggy. Which is really quite silly because my pants at the time were much baggier and hanging below my ass. Needless to say, i don’t work there or with those people anymore. I also wear pants that fit about the waist.

  55. As a retired Federal Officer and a ex-State Officer it is my opinion that you have the makings of a major law suit….But like you said above its your word against there word…But you might get ahold of 60-minutes and have them investigate the matter…What they will do is have to individuals of the same race that you are go in under cover with hidden camera’s on them and they will put it on t.v. and it would cause the place to lose there business and you would more then likely receive a whistle blowers reward for bringing attention to the matter….

  56. I witnessed someone knocked out cold by a bouncer while he was on duty there last year at The Downtown Sports Bar. Nothing was done by the police despite multiple witnesses and it apparently took multiple calls to the police department to secure a detective who would actually investigate the case (it was immediately closed by the on-duty officer).

    I watched the entire ordeal happen from about 15 feet away as the bouncer (muscular, clothed in all black, wearing weight lifting gloves) waited in the shadows 30 feet down Glenwood from the door and cold clocked someone walking down the street with his head down. I know the difference between a fight and what I witnessed. This was no fight and victim never even lifted his head to look at the bouncer. The victim was left Immediately unconscience while the bouncer ran back up Glenwood pointing at my girlfriend and I yelling “I’m lethal! I’m lethal!” and disappeared into traffic. One of the most disturbing things I have ever witnessed.

    The on-duty officers on the street refused to do anything other than take the multiple statements from all who witnessed the assault. Despite the fact that I gave a detailed description of the bouncer and explained that he had been working the door at DTSB all night. I remember him vividly because I am a smoker and had spent a good deal of the night outside of the front door of the bar (I was the sober that night and it was too crowded inside) …I even shot the shit with guy for a bit.

    Even though I explained that I was 100% certain he was working the front door of the bar they refused to even walk 30 feet up and ask any questions.

    When the detective came to my home 3 months later to show me some mug shots I could not give a 100% ID. Mostly because a few months had passed and I had not been back to the bar. If you have ever been given 10 mugshots to look through you soon realize why eye witness testimony is so inaccurate and how difficult it is to pick out one face from book of 10 people who could be fraternal twins.

    I got it down to two people and was explained that there was nothing they could do because I wasn’t 100%. I asked the detective why he couldn’t take the two mugshots that I picked and take them to the bar and ask if either of the guys worked there? I was explained to that the bar would just lie and there was nothing more that they can do.

    I believe there is something deeper here than just the DTSP being racist. I think the police system surrounding bars is extremely broken. Bar owners/managers/bouncers are in no way held accountable for the way what happens inside their workplace and the police department continually turn a blind eye the citizens they’re being paid to protect.

    Imagine if you were walking through the Sears parking lot and an employee punched you in the face. Now imagine how was not disciplined for it, but rewarded for these actions. This is what happens at bars all of the time. Bouncers are there to diffuse situations, not ignite them.

    News organizations need to bring this to the public’s attention and a fair place to start would be DTSB.

  57. Please join this facebook page so we can stop not only the racial discrimination but only the horrible service they are giving people of all races and genders. My personal email is Kmshephe@ncsu.edu

    here is the link to STOP THIS


  58. I was there when this went down.

  59. All of this probably stems from the douchebag that runs the bar, Todd Chriscoe. A quick google of his name reveals that he’s got a nice rap sheet sprinkled with a mixture of misdemeanors and felonies, including DWI and possession of cocaine… (http://www.bustedmugshots.com/north-carolina/raleigh/todd-dowd-chriscoe/27719841, http://www.bustedmugshots.com/north-carolina/raleigh/todd-dowd-chriscoe/28932232).

  60. Angel Corporan

    Good Luck I hope somethibg is done about this it also happen to me and my friends they are African American and I am Hispanic. Big White Male at the Front Door said the same thing to us but when we called a friend of ours who happens to be the DJ and was using my friend equipment to DJ that night he allowed us in and we happen to be frequent customers there but they find a way and EXECUSE to not let minorities in when I entered that night In one hand I could count the amount of Minorities that were there I also didn’t feel comfortable and unwanted we kept being watched Sad Hope this place gets shut down !!!

  61. The same thing happened to me and my friends at Downtown Sports Bar! My two friends and I, all of us white, got in no problem. However my boyfriend and his friend, both black, were turned away for not having on collared shirts. After they were denied entry, we stood outside and witnessed 5 white males being let in that had on regular t-shirts just like my friends did!!! Absolutely disgusting, I truly hope the news will do an investigation.

  62. We could set something up with a camera, have a group of white folks walk up with no membership and then do the same with a group of black folks and see what happens? Either way hopefully people will make enough noise abt this issue and actually work to get rid of this racism.

  63. In all honesty, a business can turn down service to whomever they see fit. Sadly, I’ve fallen victim to similar situations. We’ve been turned down on numerous occasions at both 606 and DTSP for no valid reason. It’s kind of sad that this date in age we still suffer from this type of prejudice and blatant discrimination. The fact that this isn’t an “isolated “ incident makes it hat much more frightening

  64. When did this incident occur?

  65. I am very much aware of the racism that exists [openly] here in the Carolina’s. I was promised a job; waited for 6 months for the county budget to pass, and the job was ;secretly] given to someone else. After being promised this position in which I was told that no one else had even applied and the job would be mine, the job was given away to a ‘white’. When did she apply? When did the interview process take place? Why wasn’t I interviewed? I also consulted an attorney and was told pretty much the same things…to big of a headache; will take a long time; not worth the bother; and my favorite: That’s just the way things are here! I have relocated here and have never…ever…encountered as much open bigotry has I have here. Having just graduated w/honors apparently does not mean anything here in the Carolina’s. It’s the color of your skin not your qualifications that matter here. They may as well post a sign on the door…”No Niggers Allowed”. Each time I leave an interview, I look behind me and see the [invisible] sign. As one resident told me NC stands for No Coloreds and SC stands for State of Confusion. I agree.

  66. I agree that you should contact I-Team Troubleshooters at ABC11… The lady usually has good outcomes on most companies/businesses that she contacts… But this is so unfortunate that this happened…

  67. If you want justice, don’t expect to get it from the cops…

  68. 25 yo white lesbian

    On several different occasions I have been blatantly refused service by the bartenders because I am a lesbian. I went there twice to check scores during the NBA finals while I was hanging out at Helios across the street and finally had to have someone else order drinks for me. My girlfriend, who usually wears a dress, was served immediately but later ignored after they figured out we were together.

  69. This past Saturday, I went to Downtown Sports Bar in Raleigh with a friend to enjoy my night like most college students would. The bouncer at the front told my friend that she couldn’t get in because she did not have a membership to the club. I have never heard about this before but we were willing to do whatever we needed to do to get in. I told my friend to just come to the back and show her Id but the female bouncer talked to the front male bouncer and she said the same thing about the membership issue. She told us it was the male bouncers choice so we went back to the front as she told us to do and the male bouncer yelled at me and said “You are not aloud to come in here, get off the property before I call the police!” Mind you the only reason I came back to the front was because I was following the instructions from the female bouncer in the back.

    Even after I was disrespected and yelled at by the male bouncer I went back the back entrance to explain to the female bouncer that I tried to follow her instructions but her co worker was being rude and would not listen. As I walked up to her to explain what had just occurred the white male manager came charging out from the inside yelling “GET THE FUCK OFF MY PROPERTY, YOU CAUSING PROBLEMS, YOU BEEN FUCKING HECKLING MY STAFF IN THE FRONT AND IN THE BACK, I AM GOING TO CALLING THE POLICE ON BOTH OF YOU!” I have never in my life been so disrespected. We were so upset that we called the police ourselves but to our surprise they seemed like they really didn’t care and there was nothing we could do about it.

    It just so happens that while I was on my twitter, I ran across an article about a black male named Jonathan Wall who experienced the same situation but a worse in my opinion. I wrote down my email for him in the article as a comment and after work I already had 7 emails with people who are willing to help stop this issue and also those who have experienced the same thing. This is clear racial discrimination and I WILL NOT stand by and let this happen without putting up a fight. I believe that this is unacceptable and that we can make a change. I have contacted the new station to make this public and I will everyone updated with what is going on. Thank you for joining and we are about to make a big change!!

    my email is kmshephe@ncsu.edu
    twitter: @iKari_mahown
    Facebook Page against this


  70. It really is a shame that this still exists in this day and age. All the progress made is wiped out by a single act of discrimination in this country. However, I’m not surprised it exists.

    The best solution is to not go to any of these places and to have all of your friends who do go there to boycott them: after telling the establishment why they’re not returning. If you’re only serving 10s instead of 100s on the weekend with the rents in that area you quickly go out of business.

  71. Im sorry to have heard that happen to you. I’ve been a few times and never had incidents like that happen to me. I hope that this doesn’t continue to happen to people.

  72. Jessica Vogel

    I have been to.downtown sports bar several times and ive seen several black Americans in there enjoying themselves. Im not sure why this happened to you, but I think its ridiculous that its has come to this. I am from Pittsburgh…color is just that…doesnt matter because it doesnt define who u are. I hope u get justice. Further more I think downtown Raleigh sucks!!!

    • Glenwood South (the part of the city where DTSB is located) is not downtown Raleigh, regardless of the establishment’s name. The actual downtown Raleigh is approx. 6 blocks south and 6 blocks east.

  73. This is such bullshit. I’m a white female, and though I’ve never had a situation like this happen to me, I’d hate to think that the clubs I attend are so racist and discriminating. I definitely don’t want to give anyone my money who acts like that. Never going to Sports Bar and Grill again! Also, I think it would definitely be a good idea to try to talk to “5 On Your Side” from WRAL because they may be able to help as well. Show people what SBAG is really about – then hopefully they’ll get shut down & all of their asshole racist staff will be out of jobs too.

  74. It is unfortunate that has to happen. Sounds like it is time to create a Sting Operation. Bring in some hidden cameras and go gather footage. File a police report, get signed official witness statements. Then take it all to trial. Then send all the footage to 20/20 and air their horrible tactics on national television. Then they will get a taste of their own medicine. Hopefully they will get some jail time for filing a false police report, lying to police, and the corroborating witnesses all face jail time for perjury.

    • I promise they already know about this thread. It’s all over social media a lot by me. If anyone on here has been discriminated against LET ME KNOW. My dad is a news anchor at WRAL and we are trying to get the story on the news. So if anyone wants to be on the news hit me up on Facebook: DREW OWENS or twitter @drew_owens

  75. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to own yourself a little bar. 🙂

    How to acquire bar:
    1. Hidden camera
    2. Lawsuit
    3. You now own a bar on Glenwood

    A bit tongue and cheek, but you see my point. Hey you creative types, take ’em out!

  76. WOW…I had an issue with this place too…As I walked up i watched short white guy walk up to the black bouncer and whisper something…i kind of figured something was about to happen…I was not allowed in for the dumbest reason ever….”My Shirt was to long”…the damn shirt stopped at the top of my zipper and it was a tailored button up…i offered to tuck the shirt in and they still refuse to allow me in…i stood back shocked as two white guys with baggy jeans and sneakers walk in…i pointed out 2 guys with longer button ups than i had on and i was told they were allowed in earlier that day and we have a night dress code…i was pissed…my friend was said “just tell him he cant come in because he’s black.” The black uncle tom ass bouncer just stood there looking stupid. I never understood how could an establishment treat someone…its 2012….and how a black bouncer could be so weak to allow his own kind to be treated with such disrespect. I hope this place really gets shut down, sued or something.

  77. Martamique Ajoku

    I hate to admit it but Raleigh in general is full of occurences
    like this…I am a black american female that has grown up here
    and have encountered many situations like this in parts of
    raleigh that have majority white american patrons. I think that
    whole glenwood area is just not cool with people of color. Every
    time I go to sushi blues cafe which is right on that same st. They
    are very nonchalant and somewhat rude when I get served. But
    I always notice a more upbeat, nice type of service to the white patrons
    I am sorry this happened to you!.

  78. Michael Bishoo

    ugh reading this jus made meh sick to my stomach;; well handled;; yhu didn’t let other peoples ignorance;; set u back frm ur future goals;; some people just wont let their egos go;;

  79. I had a unfavorable run in there myself. I am white and did not receive an excessive amount of grief to enter the bar nor did my friend which is black and arived 30 minutes after me. However while I was at the bar getting drinks the bouncers aggressively through a white man out the back door knocking my wife to the floor while doing so. Upset with the manner in which the situation was handled I investigated into why. The bouncers pretty much blew me off and no 1 saw the man do anything outrageously worth being thrown out so aggressively

  80. The first goal should be to survive the encounter, which Jonathan did. Looking at his already long list of accomplishments, I’m glad he put those first instead of (although justifiably so) reacting poorly to both verbal and physical harassment. Just this weekend I had a similar test, pulled over by the cops after making the mistake of trying to get a father’s day card in a town I’ve never been to. We both survived the encounter. Now take action. And judging by the beautiful response from people of all backgrounds, another “Downtown Sports Bar” is exposed.

  81. I’m white, and I didn’t have any trouble getting in the first and only time I’ve gone, even though I was underage, with my (younger) sister’s fake ID. The bouncer barely even looked at it, or at me, before I walked right in. I didn’t buy any drinks that night either and the only guy who bothered me was some creepy guy trying to hit on me.

  82. I want to point out that “we reserve the right to refuse service…” is not a defense against illegal discrimination when operating a “public accomodation” like a bar or restaurant. The “membership required” line also won’t wash when they obviously don’t enforce it uniformly. They are probably, “legally” a private club, owing to the nature of the archaic alcohol laws in this state.

    It seems to me that the ABC agents need to visit DtSB on a weekend night and hand out a few violations to the managers and bartenders.

    Also note that the corporate ownership of DtSB is the same as Napper Tandy’s (out of New York) and linking the bad behaviour of DtSB to the people over at Naper Tandy’s might also be effective.

    I don’t go to DtSB because they also geve me a bum’s rush when they thought I was gay back in 2010.

  83. My friend and I were denied entry there. The bouncer explained that it was because my friend was wearing boots. I told the bouncer to look again. Clearly he could see the top of his foot and ankle bone. Just as I was about to have words with the bouncer my friend convinced me to leave. Five minutes later I sent an email to the general manager and he replied that same night with some BS. My email actually did not even mention discrimination, but the GM took the time to say “we don’t discriminate

  84. We need to go and pack this place out. People of all color and make a statement.

  85. The owner at Legends is Racist too!! VERY RACIST, how you gonna be gay, and Racist? What kinda fuckery?!?

  86. My friend and I were denied entry. When I asked why, the bouncer said it was because my friend was wearing boots. I told the bouncer to look again, pointing out the fact that the shoes were not boots and that the top of his foot and ankle bone was visible. I was about to have worss with the bouncer, but my friend convinced me ro leave. I emailed the establishment and made no mention of discrimination. I suggested that they train their bouncers better. The GM emailed me that same night with some BS about not discriminating and being shut down for not honoring dress codes.

  87. jasmineburch

    The same thing happened to me and my 8 black friends last friday for my best friends last night before her wedding..we were all having a good time until we were told that if we didnt buy drinks we would be kicked out…i spent $45 on drinks that night including buying my friends drinks and still got kicked out…with me explaining that they just ignored it and kicked all of us out only there for30mins..white guy was rude as hell with no remorse or reason why we needed to leave

  88. 606 does the SAME thing!!!! they are EXTREMELY racist.

  89. James Murchison

    The SAME DAMN THING happened to me and my friends Im from Raleigh and I always witness racism on Glenwood luckily I have a friend who works the door at Solas, and Noir so we’re always good, but 606 is good for this “Membership night” bullshit. But at DSBar they tried to deny us entry because i had on a toboggan but my roommates were good with hats. I gave the white door boy a hard time until he said ok go in but put it in your pocket. I obliged and went straight to the bathroom and told my roommate to give me his hat, the reason i wore a toboggan was because i didnt have a haircut. He said cool and before we could walk out of the bathroom 2 big black bouncers and the owner came into the bathroom and overheard us talkin shit about the place, i saw them and continued to talk shit they followed us out and a few minutes later the bouncer came to me and said buy a drink or you have to leave, i told em im the designated driver and laughed in his face. Once we reached the dance floor i was flabbergasted at how many white boys had on toboggans! The scene was wack drunk white chicks everywhere and a terrible dj, so i told my friends come watch this…I proceeded to walk to the front door and walked out behind a white boy with a toboggan who kept coming and going with no problem, i then scolded the door boy and said oh i thought u couldnt enter with toboggans?!?! he told me go away and i cursed and talked my shit for a few and told ALL my boys to record it on their phones in case the officer standing next to him tried to act dumb. He tried to flex and say ill pound u in to the ground. im 6’1 215 he was all of 5’9 160 i told the officer i bet if i told him id pound his face in u would arrest me for threats, he just smiled and said sir i understand ur anger…i gave the door boy a good 2 min bitchin then told em come down the street n see me then. He didnt….He told me dont come back…BUT me being the asshole i am…I went to the back door where the smokers go and returned to the club! Came back up to the front door and said im back! what u gon do? u aint got ur officer to save u…he laughed it off and kept talkin to the two girls that were standing beside him. Moral of the story is DO NOT go there. I pray for the day i see the door boy walking down the street alone…but racism is ramped on Glenwood. A few spots are good tho, The Black Flower Bar, they never give u a hard time and have great drink specials, Miarage is pretty good, and Noir isnt to bad…But we all know they would rather tell us no and ship us off to Bodi, or another black club.

  90. SHUT IT DOWN! After reading this story and many similar anecdotes in the comments, I believe if you all work together you’ll have a powerful lawsuit against this disgusting establishment which will hopefully lead to it’s closure. Hatred and intolerance of any specific group of people is not only unjust, but also sickening and appalling. I urge you all to channel your past negative experiences and anger with this bar in a calm, productive fashion that will sow positive results for equality.

  91. I believe this probably happens quite often in Raleigh. I’m Caucasian so I don’t experience it much but I did have one interesting instance with Solas. I went there in the first few months the place opened on the night of Raleigh Wide Open. The funny thing is the was a hurricane coming through Raleigh do hardly anyone was out. I was at the Wide Open VIP party prior to Solas and met some of the members of Arrested Development (a huge 90s act) who were playing at the event. I took them to Solas since it was the new happening place even though I had not been. Since the hurricane was coming through the club was dead so you would have thought they wanted our business. Instead they were giving me all kinds of trouble at the door, and I really belivee it is because I was with two African American males and another friend that looks mixed although she is Caucasian as well. Since I was getting crap from them I asked to speak to a manager, who took forever to come. Then I explained I was given a hard time by rbc doorman. He listened but was in no hurry to let me in- but as soon as I told them who the African Americans were the manager escorted all of us up the rear of the club in the elevator and gave us free drinks. We left shortly after and I’m still upset about my experience and refuse to go there- good that I’m not really a club person I guess.

  92. LaCharra Leggett

    I had a simliar altercation happen to me downtown raleigh..i did not fight or argue i walked away

  93. I wil say that ANY bar that sells liquor must be a private membership only club/bar in NC.. UNLESS they sell food also, then like 23% of their sells must be food in order to be a non membership bar/club. BUT with that being said, you can sign up for a membership right then and go it according to the law (there used to be a 3 day waiting period from the time you got your membership until the bar could legally let you in w/ out a current member with you.

    With that being said. Yes you prob did need a membership to go into the bar. BUT they also seem to be letting people in w/ out memberships so the bar is breaking the law that way, and just using the membership to “weed” out the people THEY don’t want in. Allot of other club do this exact same thing but use a Dress code to do it, and most of the stuff that is on the not allowed in wear for the club is the “hip-hop” style clothing, and this goes on all over the USA.

    BUT that does not excuse them (this bar) for throwing people out b/c of their race. If this is going on at this place in that effect then something needs to be done about it. I am a professional DJ myself and also used to train security staff in night clubs. There have been many times where I have thrown someone out and get accused of doing b/c of their race, just for me to walf back into the club and go talk to friends in the club (who were the same race as the person I just threw out) and have them say that they cant understand why people come to a club and act a fool. BUT to exclude everyone of any one race is unexceptable. Clubs/Bars like this need to be made an example of!

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  95. The other thing you can try is to petition the ABC http://abc.nc.gov/abc_boards/county.aspx?county=Wake to revoke their liquor license.

    • Thats not going to happen. The state of North Carolina makes tons of money off liquor license from bars like that. Its too big and makes too much money. Any effort to fight this bar and you would lose without solid evidence.

  96. It’s a shame that happened…I am an American born and raised but my sister and myself are Iranian and German ethnicity; I look very Middle Eastern… My sister went to a bar this past week and someone asked her if she was even allowed to be there… It’s ridiculousness. I can not believe people are be so ignorant and rude.

  97. Follow the movement everyone on FACEBOOK. I know Jon, he’s one of the sweetest, young, educated black men I know. I was at a lost for words when I read what happened this morning…………………..because you may not live in Raleigh, NC. doesn’t mean you can’t help…….<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>> on Facebook and share the sad stories you read about the treatment of “non white” people…..The movement is going viral …….be apart of it……

    check out Catie F’s similar situation http://www.yelp.com/biz/downtown-sports-bar-and-grill-raleigh#hrid:-Pzcjk2IKCiF3vkE3XqeQw

  98. It is very sad that things like this are happening. Especially someone that I know would never do anything wrong or be violent. I agree with the decision made by making this public so that they can lose customer service. I hope that many will be informed so that they can be shut down. Very disappointed Racism is still alive but with smart decisions it can be changed.

  99. Is there a way you could take a camera up in that place!? I would love for someone to catch these uneducated bigots in the act!

  100. I used to work at Helios, and lemme tell ya, myself and the other employees all avoided ALL of the bars 0n Glenwood south like the freaking plague. EVERY SINGLE BAR down there is nothing but a roiling cauldron of douchebags and frat boys who are looking for trouble, and the bouncers are no different. Don’t expect tolerance or fairness from some beefed up redneck on a power trip. Obviously these places discriminate based on race; probably based on a lot of other factors as well, such as how big your tits are or how expensive your clothes look. Obviously this is incredibly wrong and very sad, considering that it is, in fact, 2012 and not 1955. Next time, stay the hell away from Glenwood “jersey shore” south and go to Slim’s instead. No one there care what you look like, trust me.

  101. Disgusted #2

    Same thing happend to me and my cousin last fall…and the crazy part is the bouncer was African-American…all I could to is laugh at how ignorant that establishment is.

  102. I think you should submit your story to Michael Baisden

  103. I have to agree to what Sam says, where he said, “Unfortunately any business has the right to refuse service to anyone; which is where it unfortunately ends. It is repulsive that people still are prejudiced against individuals but there is not a whole lot you can do except not go to these establishments.” That’s the only thing you can do. Restaurants and bars are in business to serve the public and if they spot something suspicious or someone who looks suspicious or uncomfortable to them, then they have a right to refuse service to that person or persons.

  104. That’s crazy!!! I know this sounds repetitive, but the same thing happened to my friends and I on Friday. They tapped us on the shoulder and said to follow them. We were told that we hadn’t purchased any drinks, although out of a total of about 8 black girls, 5 had already spent about $200 in drinks. As a matter of fact, 2 actually had a cup in their hand while being told that we hadn’t purchased any drinks. After telling the bouncer that the 3 who hadn’t purchased drinks would go to the bar then, before we could get in the door, the owner comes out of nowhere and tells security to kick us out. Yes, it may sound like some pieces of the puzzle are missing between being tapped on the shoulder and getting kicked out by the owner, but that is the same way we felt. The security guard who kicked us out even told us to meet him in the parking lot so he could talk to us and “calm” us down, but he provided a bs answer as well.

  105. Now never return. People like that will understand one color and that is green. As it stops flowing that is. Boycott it and I will encourage others to do the same

  106. I just filed a complain with the BBB. This is absolutely absurd. I can’t think of a single reason I will ever go back! I hate that this is happening, its 2012, people should be over this. We have always been equal, and will continue to be!

    Business Information

    Downtown Sports Bar & grille
    410 Glenwood Avenue # 140
    Zip/Postal Code:

    Complaint Information

    Complaint Type:
    Customer Service Issues
    Description of Complaint:
    The Downtown Sports Bar & Grille are turning away people due to race. They are also kicking people out of their bar, who have had no incidents or indiscretions. They are starting to tell anyone who is not clearly Caucasian that they are “membership only” and will not be allowed inside, while not even bothering to card anyone who is Caucasian. They constantly serve under age and now they are segregating races? This is completely absurd.

  107. I too have experienced racism at this same bar. Me and 3 other African Americans went to the bar on all you can eat wing night. After entering the bar we received very unpleasant looks. After about 10 minutes we were finally asked for our drinks. The waiter was very rude to the three of us and spoke to us all in a very degrading manner. The waiter then explained to us that we must purchase achocol in order to get the all you can eat wings, a rule we ha never heard of. Very confused we order the drinks & they served us and how about I’m not even 21!! However they served us the beers then brought the wings and somewhat threw them on the table. After receiving the bill we noticed we were over charted for the food & also had been charged gratuity and it was only 3 of us. I politely asked the waiter could she explain the bill to me & she said ” oh I made a mistake”, changed the price of the food but the gratuity charge remained on the bill. I explained to the waitress gratuity isn’t charged for a party of 3. The waiter then told me “she doesn’t work for free, and when we wouldn’t tip her”. I insisted to speak with the manager who was a built white guy also very rude & he told us we must pay the grautity. I refused to pay and he told my party and I ” whatever just leave”. Since then I have not been back to this bar. I felt I was mistreated and I was a paying customer just as everyone else was and I too felt it was because of my race.

  108. This happened to me and some friends and family on a weekday night,we order food and where watching the LSU vs. Bama NCAA championship game they added on gratuity to a 3 person party. When we asked for the reason, “last time y’all came in here you didn’t tip enough or buy drinks”. The next week they had wing night and told us that we couldn’t order wings unless we where drinking. They have also turned my friends down for having on to “baggy” jeans when the white males in front of us had on jeans 2 times as big, or either saying no “Jordan” sneakers are allowed in here.

  109. One thing I have learned from experience about clubs on Glenwood is that you have a 50% chance to run into a douchey bouncer no matter where you go or what color your skin is.

  110. Thats pretty F’d up. I believe in a world of cultural and ethnical background differences, not truly race of color or why it matter why one is yellow, black, brown, white, or any other color or non-color of the rainbow. Even though Ive not been to the place you have my support on the matter.

  111. Ok, the fact of the matter is just this: Although businesses do have the right to refuse service to any customer, that sign must also be displayed and visible to the customers eye as they approach. The next thing is that the Downtown/Glenwood South Bar/Club District has been established to cater to predominately white customers only and when blacks come they automatically assume the worst and next thing you know there are 5-6 police officers roaming around waiting for an outbreak. Next, its just sad sad sad that the mind state of this business district seems to feel that the “almighty dollar” can only come from white folks. I am not a racist by no means and the majority of my friends are white, but come on this is just ridiculous and something needs to be done before someone ends up getting hurt behind racism and the stupidity that it employs to run businesses in what is now being referred to and “Klanwood South”
    People wake up, STOP patronizing these businesses that allow such actions to take place.

  112. This is really shocking! I’ve never hung out in Raleigh but I am a NC Native and I’m extremely proud of the history of NC. With that being said, this is utterly ridiculous! There are too many stories on this one site that are similar and it can’t end here. Our parents/grandparents gave too much for it to end here. We have social media as a great avenue to start a huge boycott of all clubs/bars that support racism through a “membership” or “attire”. #boycottDTSB

  113. Unbelievable! Not! Very much believable!

  114. Joshua Gatlin

    This same thing happened to me about two years ago. If you are to press charges or something and need a story or anything please let me know. Thank you so much for speaking up about it. The weird thing about my situation was that there were two black guys and one white guy thrown out. But if you need anything my email is stated above. Thanks again.

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  116. This is just absolutely disgusting that this still happens in a modern society.

  117. The NC State football and basketball players go there and they are black…..

  118. The Implement

    This is really a sad thing. The fact that Downtown Sports Bar is a restaurant means that there is no membership required to come in the bar. This is obviously a case of discrimination against people they do not want in there, which seems to be anyone who is not white. The places named here seem to be Fraternal type bars where the good ol’ boy system is in full effect. Avoid these places unless to protest and come downtown to the friendlier bars.

  119. This is so fucked up…it’s times like this that I hate being a white guy…personally all those cocksuckers need to get the shit kicked out of them

    Seriously though…the bartender and bouncer deserve to get their shit rocked

  120. Pass out flyers, hold up signs, let people know what they are supporting when they support this business. Also, some one needs to get this behavior on tape cause they are just going to deny it.

  121. This place needs to go. They were our sponsor bar for one of our intramural sports last summer, so we went for soggy nachos and slow beers once a week. On our final visit, an altercation arose on the dance floor and one of our friends was being violently ejected for reasons unknown. I was sitting at the bar with this guy’s brother (both Venezuelan); when he saw what was happening, he calmly approached so he could walk his brother out of the bar without violence.

    The ego-tripping bouncers apparently saw this as a threat, or perhaps just an opportunity to forget about the size of their manhood. At that point, they were treating these two with excessive force (armbars, headlocks, kidney jabs). Neither was fighting back, it was clearly unnecessary. Against my better judgement, I went over to try and smooth things over. I approached completely calm and level headed, no offensive gestures to speak of. I simply said, “Chill out guys, let them go and we will walk out of here and never come back.”

    Instead, they grabbed me too. We’re talking 5 bouncers now, one being ~350 pounds of asshole and hatred…I’m 140 pounds. At no point do I think it would be a good idea to try and fight, so we get violently thrown out of the bar…literally thrown to the ground. This is where I got my first and least severe injury, just a large pavement scuff. At no point had any of us thrown a punch.

    Obviously, we were not happy about their behavior, so there were words exchanged, most not too friendly. But there is no law against speaking your mind. These words kept the bouncers going though. Even though they had successfully gotten us out of the bar, they hadn’t gotten their jollies yet. We are looking at 7 people against 3 now. And none of those 3 are trying to fight, we are just defending ourselves against further harm. Who in their right mind would try to fight 3 vs 7, especially considering one is a friggin behemoth? Not us.

    This is when things got bad, and also a little fuzzy for me (I was not drunk, maybe 3 or 4 beers). I see one friend on the ground getting kicked, he gets a fractured eye socket and all sorts of other lacerations. The other is laying on the ground in a fetal position, obviously submitting, but he still manages to get some extra kicks and punches thrown his way. I was being held down and I didn’t want to be held down anymore. I was out of the bar and I didn’t do anything wrong, so I tried to get free. This led to 17 staples in my head. I don’t remember exactly what happened, as I think the injury jostled my brain a bit.

    Eventually, the beatings stopped and the cops showed up. They took our statements outside and they took the employee statements inside. All 3 of us are bleeding profusely, they only have injuries on their fists…not one punch thrown by us. When all was said and done, everyone involved was charged with Simple Affray, a minor misdemeanor. Obviously, the bouncers colleagues backed them up in their stories. We went to the hospital, got cleaned up and reflected on the sad state of society for a couple days. We did take morning after pictures, showing beaten and bloody body parts, but also showing completely unscathed fists.

    Following that, we wanted justice. In my research, I learned that in order to be a bouncer in NC, you must be licensed. We know for a fact that one of the guys beating us was not licensed, and one of them was even a cook. Worse yet is the fact that it happened outside of the bar. We were out, we didn’t fight back…why did we get beaten to a pulp? We first went to the courthouse and talked to a district magistrate. He was definitely receptive and sympathetic. He said we had a case, but that we first had to go to the police station and bring it up with them.

    So we go to that districts police station; again, they were very understanding and sympathetic. Unfortunately, they said we had to go to the district magistrate first and then to the district attorney. Viscious cycle with no visible end. They also said we would have to get the charges dropped before we could move forward with any type of lawsuit.

    I don’t know how familiar everyone is with the Raleigh court system, but 6 months and 5 continuances later, we finally got the charges dropped. No idea what happened to the ‘bouncers’. At this point, most of me wants to just put it all behind and move on. But reading this story and the related comments brings about the rage all over again. Racial discrimination on it’s own is just ridiculous and doesn’t belong in this world. The abuse of of patrons for your own thrills is just maniacal.

    This establishment is wrong on many levels and it needs to go. I’m not out to make money, I just want justice. As opposed to working towards individual lawsuits, I think my best bet is a civil suit against the DTSB for negligence (hiring unlicensed bouncers, using excessive force against submissive patrons, allowing a cook to take on bouncing responsibilities, etc). Unfortunately, all local lawyers I have talked to say they can’t help me, nor did they have references. To be honest, I kind of let it all slide after awhile. I really didn’t want to let it go, but I also didn’t want to keep dwelling on it.

    I don’t have long to get the process moving, I think one year from the date of the incident (late July last year). But I am willing and able. Let’s shut this awful excuse for a business down.

  122. Words cannot express my shock, disappointment and shame …. Yes, shame, that this behavior is apparently not only permitted but accepted today in the STATE CAPITOL OF N.C.!! The policewoman was wrong and should be taken off the streets. The bar owner should be required to prove there is such a membership there or not. Please keep fighting this fight with all you have and reach out to the residents of this area for help. We cannot tolerate this type of behavior. We are all God’s children after all.

  123. Try contacting the NAACP! They will be able to assist w this situation

  124. I have seen the racisim many times in the area. A caucasian gentleman had on nice pants, a t-shirt and tennis shoes, the bouncer let him in. One of my friends had on slacks, a fitted shirt with a vest, and shoes from Aldo (casual sneakers) and the bouncer told him he could not go in because he had on sneakers. Everyone clearly pointed out that he had just let the gentleman in with sneakers.The main difference was race. The police officer at the door next to the bouncer could just shake his head and look away because he knew it was wrong, but he was getting paid as an off duty cop, so what could he do right? Bystanders were amazed at what happened. I pray for the day when we all will considered equal. Caucasian, African, African-American, Hispanic, Indian, Asian, etc. we are all brothers and sisters and in teh struggle together. Spreading knowledge on events like these and sheding light is of extreme importance. Take care and god bless.

  125. I can detect a racist establishment with one look at the people in there and I am as white as a lily. Hence I have always hated that place based soley on the presence of the idiots inside. This story simply confirms my gut. I say get a secret recording of an incident. Get proper member ships and flood the place. See the reaction. Record it. Get it on national TV. Also as a byproduct deliver Raleigh to Obama by a landslide 🙂

  126. I need photos and names of all who work at this bar who’ve denied, harassed, humiliated, bullied, assaulted, accosted, and profiled because of a person’s race.

  127. have a white person dress up as a black person and go to the bar and record it! get in touch with local news or even 20/20 or a national news program they may even do an undercover investigation with a professional make up person.

  128. This is not the only club that does this in Raleigh. I believe it was Mirage- my friends and I ( who are all African Americans) watch people go in to entrance of the door, only pausing to show bouncer Ids. I was scared that one of my friends may not get in because he had on a casual sneaker, but the patrons in front of us both (causing makes) had on athletic sneakers. When it got to us before the bouncer looked at any ids


  130. Just a thought, what about the NAACP for help? Tell them your story and seek help. obviously it is haooening to more then you and your cousin, band together and seek out this polution in our country, I know I am white, but my husband is mixed (black/white)… I would be LIVID if anything happened to him while i went to the bathroom. I will NEVER go here and give them our hard earned money!
    @ the chick who wants to correct spelling and such…. WHO CARES!!! you are missing the WHOLE DAMN POINT! if you agree with the bartender then you shouldnt of left a comment! – just saying!
    Its about Racisim, not on who can write a better paper…
    bottomline, im sorry to hear this has happened. i hope you can get everyone to together and show how there is more then one person this is going on with and get the problem solved.

  131. Disgusted with Bar & Police

    If as G Wolfe Woodbury says this place is affiliated with Napper Tandy’s, might be good to hit them where it hurts

    Napper Tandy’s website (national)

    Napper Tandy’s facebook pages

    Downtown Sports Bar & Grill Raleigh NC

    Downtown Sports Bar & Grill facebook page

    And more importantly here a contacts to the Raleigh Police Department
    Raleigh Police Chief
    Harry Dolan, Police Chief:

    Downtown District Commander:
    Captain K.S. Craghead



  132. How to Effectively use your Social Media Accounts and the internet to Create a Long lasting Impact on The Down town SportsBar in Raleigh. by Caleb Udofia of Net Marketing Consultants, Inc http://www.netmarketingconsultants.org/

    FYI this is the official FACEBOOK PAGE of the owner whose name is Tom Murphy apparently http://www.facebook.com/TheDowntownSportsBar

    If you really want to create an Online impact leave reviews on all these websites in which they have online publications for their Brand name. Currently, the newraleigh.com story has already hit the front page of Google for their brand name. Please continue to comment on their site and share the link to the top 2 stories.

    Business Facebook Page


    Next you can contact Raleigh Downtowner who featured them for having the best wings and have them cover this story.


    Google + always ranks the highest for businesses so make sure to leave a review and share your link on your facebook or twitter etc.

    The rest of these sites are review sites in which you can leave a review. Make sure to share the link on your social media sites.


    Be sure to share this post for anybody who has received poor treatment from The Downtown Sports Bar of Raleigh. This will sound a alarm for the other businesses who also are guilty of the same discrimination in the Downtown area

  133. there needs to be a hidden camera media blast. expose them nationally. make it so convincing that no one can deny it.

  134. Why is there nothing on the website about being private or requiring a membership?? Seems like there should be. This is inexcusable. I’d love to participate in some sort of protest outside. email me, antidoteivy@gmail.com

  135. I’ve had them pull the membership on me ( I’m indian)with my sister put us in a line with a bunch of minorities…. We left

    Had a incident happen at Cashmere as well recently they let a big group of people including friends ( all white) in for free and when my friend who was black and I tried to get in they wanted to charge us five dollars…. Eventually went in tried to complain and got a bartender who said racism exists live with it. Never found a manager but got free drinks from another bartender who was very apologetic. Regardless racism exists in some of the bars in Raleigh I wish I would have fought harder.

  136. Just picket the bar. Print up a short leaflet explaining what happened. Get signs asking people to stay out of there and walk up and down in front of the bar. If anyone wants information, give them the leaflet. Carry a videocamera. But plead with people not to go in. This is not illegal. You have a right to protest. Lots of people will reconsider. The media are likely to cover this if it is a slow news day or it strikes their fancy. Contact the NAACP–we will help you. This is the only way to make sure it stops.

  137. William A. Douglas

    I worked Hi-5,Bogarts, and Redroom for 6 yrs. Everything on the article is true. I posted a long response on my fb page thinking I was posting on this page feel free to go on my page and see what I saw while working downtown. The establishments on glenwood south would rather take a financial loss then allow the “wrong crowd’ in the door. This has been the S.O.P. for glenwood for years. A lot of this comes from the people behind the scenes called investors. I was told I needed a membership to get in 606 two months ago and and I haven’t stepped foot back on glenwood. The same night my buddy was turned away while he and his female friend watched 9 Non black ppl show Id’s only walk in the door. The clubs/bars have the right to be selective……. Or something like it! STAY OFF GLENWOOD!!!!!!!!!

  138. Joel Hudson

    I’m glad you couldn’t pay me to patronize the places in Greensboro where this was reported in the comments above as happening. As a white man it’s hard to put myself in his shoes, but had something this upsetting happen to me there would probably be more than a few typos and I’d be hard pressed not to litter some obscenities in. I certainly could not have been as articulate as this young man was. He is a credit to the human race for his passive resistance and persistence in pursuit of justice for all who are discriminated against.

  139. karima williams

    This story is crazy and ashame it is still happening in 2012 they should have a hidden camera on a black subject and catch them in the act in ny we have a guy that helps with injustices and scams called help me howard a news caster. Find someone like that prior to going to harvard grad school which is a great accomplishment. Congrats……

  140. Dr. Michael E. Mc Donald, JD

    I am sorry that you have experienced such a traumatic event. I had similar experiences at several establishments across the country. In some respects this may be a blessing in disguise. All too often we are now lured into some false sense of security or bland cultural diet. Discrimination and bigotry are part of the fallen human condition. We expect to be treated as we treat others. This analysis ignores one small yet infinite truth- those who can only “become” by belittling others.

    The bartender’s behavior is corporate in nature. The police and establishments (as you have so elequentky alluded to in your article) tend to close ranks when such incidents occur. You have both the power and legal right to file a complaint with your state’s human rights commission. You also should alert the mayor and city council, as establishments which do discriminate should not have government permits to operate businesses. Your a taxpayer, law-abiding citizen of Raliegh and the United States. If the local media is ineffective, perhaps a national news outlet (CNN or MSNBC) may mobilize. You also can contact the U. S. department of Justice. No doubt this establishment touches upon “interstate commerce.” Read the “Heart of Atlanta” a landmark discrimination case decided by the U. S. Supreme Court during the early 1960’s. Heart of Alanta Hotel did not accommodate negroes. They claimed that federal civil rights laws did not apply to them as a local establishment. The Court in a unanimous 9-0 decision disagreed. I am sure like Heart of Atlanta these sports bars are supplied by beer, food, and other items which cross North Carolina state lines- interstate commerce creates federal authority.

    The officer was right on one account. You have a bright and promising career and life waiting for you. Don’t let these haters derailed it. Sometimes being right is intended to provide fuel for the journey, not getting stalked or distracted by a moment in time.

    Trust me, this person’s conduct will be unmasked, and it need not happen at your hands or forfeiting your life. He ain’t worth it
    Dom’t patronize anyplace which treats you or your money as less currency or value. Unless its life or death, or a principle that impacts core values you have to decide if this is (in marine tetminology) the “hill you want to die upon.”
    A sports bar versus Harvard and beyond
    — pretty easy choice for me!!!!
    Keep your eye on the prize!!!!

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