New Essay: “The Truth About Fiction”

I hesitated over whether to post a link to this or not, frankly, because when I saw it in its published form it seemed choppy as hell. (I could complain about the difficulty of cutting a 1000-word draft to 300, but that would be bad form. It’s still choppy, and that’s still my fault.) But why not? As I learned from some beloved friends the other night, my article got somebody to write an angry letter to The Banner that wasn’t about any of these three things: President Obama (pure evil), Harry Potter (gateway drug), or hommashekuals (just guess).

I love writing for this magazine. My continued byline in it is one of those little incongruencies that arises from being a politically liberal, artsy, and foul-mouthed fellow who believes.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Klassy Kwanzaa, Blessed Boxing Day to any and all. May you enjoy better health care in 2010. (Well, or 2014, if the Democrats don’t smarten up enough to change the implementation dates.)

One response to “New Essay: “The Truth About Fiction”

  1. I’d be curious what the contents of that angry letter were (if it’s not breaking any confidences on your part of course)

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